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Aussie Fruit Box

Carrots - 500g

Carrots - 500g

Introducing the Aussie Fruit Box 500g Carrot Pack – a superb addition to your supermarket's produce department! Careful hand-picking and packing ensure maximum freshness and quality. Each pack contains 500g of luscious, crunchy carrots ideal for snacking, cooking, or juicing.

Our carrots are sustainably sourced from local Australian farms, contributing to local agriculture and the environment. Our innovative packaging is designed to make it easy for your customers to grab and go. The transparent, reclosable bag optimizes visibility and freshness, allowing customers to effortlessly select the perfect bunch. At 500g, this weight is perfect for individuals, couples, and families.

Whether salads, carrot cakes, or healthy juices, our Aussie Fruit Box 500g Carrot Pack is the ideal choice. Reach out now to learn more about our special packaging opportunities for fruits and vegetables.

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